When we plant and nurture the seeds of creativity, we grow an orchard of ideas that can change the world...

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We are Adam, Victoria and Django and together, we run The Invisible Orchard. This is an independent, unfunded family run studio in Morland, in the rural Eden Valley, Cumbria. We set up The Invisible Orchard on £150 and equipped it through our own home items, donated goods from friends and supporters and local business, reclaimed and repurposed items and things we found through the Freecycle network. We use it as a family studio for our own work and learning, and to offer creative activities and events for our community.

Minecraft Mondays

Session 1: Into Art - turn your own drawing into a map
Session 2: Ancient Egyptians - tomb raiding, myths & history
Session 3: Fairgrounds. Design, contruction & economics
Session 4: Physics & Redstone

TableTop Games

Session 1: Discover different games and play them!
Session 2: Intro to Dioramas
Session 3: Dioramas continued
Session 4: Model Painting

Textile & Art School

Textiles 1: Printing from nature
Textiles 2: Romero Britto
Textiles 3: Felted Landscapes
Textiles 4: Stitching (Landscapes cont.)
Art 1: Print techniques
Art 2: Collage & Montage
Art 3: Painting on Canvas
Art 4: Paint on Canvas (cont.)
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Orchard Events at a Glance - Summer Workshops

This summer at the Invisible Orchard Creative Atelier, we have an exciting programme of weekly workshops. Run by our resident artists and guests in our family studio, this is a great opportunity to have fun, learn and share skills and get creative in a unique and encouraging environment. With activities including Minecraft, Table-Top Gaming, Textiles, Fine Art and Film, there is a wide palette to play with! All workshops are facilitated by professional artists and educators, to a studio skills level. The sessions are tailor made for children from 7 up to 16 and we encourage mixed age learning. Children under 7 are welcome too, but must be accompanied by an adult helper.

Minecraft Mondays (Mon 28th July - 18th August)

Working with world renowned Minecraft professionals, Adam Clarke (Prof_Adam, thecommonpeople) and Stephen Reid (ImmersiveMinds) you will cover a wide range of Minecraft skills, from adventure mapping to creative building to advanced redstone. Our artists will also encourage in depth understanding of areas such as ancient history, mathematics, construction, physics and more.Learn whilst you play!

Table-Top Game Tuesdays (Tues 29th - 19th August)

Working with Games-based learning expert, Stephen Reid (ImmersiveMinds) you will learn a range of tabletop gaming skills, from the history of dice and card games, to creating your own dioramas, designing your own games and developing model-painting skills. And of course, you will get to play the games too! Stephen will also encourage skills development such as literacy and numeracy during the sessions. Learn whilst you play! (Please note that this is a technology free session)

Textiles & Art School (Wed 30th Jul - 20th Aug)

Working with studio artist Adam Clarke and guest textile artist, Marieke J Tomlin, you will learn a range of art and textile based craft skills, from fine art techniques and ways of seeing, to sewing methods, textile printing and felting.

How to Book

Our workshops include tea/coffee/juice and biscuits/fruit. Space is limited. Advance booking is necessary. Sessions require a minimum number of participants to run - we will endeavour to find a later date in the event of cancellation. For further details please call or email. We look forward to hearing from you.


Please note, we are not always in the studio outside of programmed events, so if you are planning an unscheduled visit, please do call in advance or check website for up to date information.

But if we are in when you go by, do feel free to pop in and say hello and find out more.

Got an idea for an event or think you might want to run something here?

If you have an idea for an event or course, we are always open to hearing about it.

We can also arrange private hire for our space for practitioners and artists whose course, workshop, event or groups are in keeping with our ethos. We have a daytime hire of £10 per hour which includes tea, coffee and biscuits. Evening rate is by arrangement.

The space is lovely, light and friendly, but please note, it is a private family studio and as such, is an extension of our home. We appreciate users respecting that. For groups with children - there are toys, games and art materials available by request, but do note this is a working studio and therefore has equipment and materials that are not infant friendly - care must be taken when supervising children on this site.

Please enquire for more details.
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A Word From Us

So who are we…?

We are Adam Clarke, Victoria Bennett and Django, our son. We are the Orchard
Atelieristas, or Family in Residence. We have been playing together since we were children, and now we are playing as a family. Our shared skills and passions include poetry, painting, video games, illustration, design, digital arts, film making, cooking, journalling, publishing, modelling, animation, drawing, mud pie making, gardening, tea drinking and space ship building.

When we became parents, we wanted to provide a space where we would be discovering together, through play, asking questions, making and creating together as a family, where there would be the ongoing permission for that engagement.

The Invisible Orchard is that space - our family atelier, where we can play, create and discover together, our art at the heart of our shared journey.

With the support of friends and strangers, using donated resources and repurposed items to get us started, we have made a dream come true. It is an inspiring place that is filled with possibilities, a space that encourages curiosity, creativity, investigation and collaboration; a space where we invite you to come and discover with us, whatever your age.

As the Orchard Artists/Family in Residence, we will continue to explore, play and create and we look forward to sharing that with you and reflecting on that experience, and to welcoming other artists and families in residence during the coming year.

Where are we…?

Located right in the heart of Eden, in the beautiful village of Morland, The Invisible Orchard began its journey in 1770. It was built for community use as the first village school. The building was later transformed into a family theatre for the Markham family, who still own it, during which time it served as a stage for family plays and public dances until it was left empty for over a hundred years. In the 1960's, it opened the doors again to became a youth club and later on, a shop and offices until once again, it was left empty.

When we saw it, we knew this was the place we wanted to set up our atelier. Not only does it have a long history of being a place of learning and community, it is also set in the tranquil and inspiring gardens of Morland House. It took a lot of clearing up, several days of painting, sanding, varnishing and decorating and a lot of sorting out but eventually, it was ready.

Through the inspiration of our son, we have started to plant The Invisible Orchard. Together. We hope you join us...
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The Orchard Growing Tips

We invite you to...

Begin - have a go, even if it feels scary. It is not failure that holds the seed back, but the reluctance to plant it.

Protect your orchard - do some night watching to find out what is eating away at your creative seeds - build your rabbit-proof fence!

Nurture the soil - allow yourself to give and receive nurturing and compliments - and use this feed to help seeds grow;

Respond to the environment - practice responsive learning and allow yourself to grow through your experiences, thoughts, feelings and dreams;

Plant well - let ideas, questions and inspirations be sown - it is good to see what grows!

Tend regularly - your orchard needs nurturing - stake a claim to that time and protect it. Your seeds will not grow without your loving attention. There is no such thing as spare time, there is just now.

Prune judiciously - for full growth, attend pruning with care and love - sometimes we gather dead wood or stray shoots that needs pruning to enable a more full growth

Stay with it - it takes a long, long time for an tree to grow and produce fruit. Keep with it, keep nurturing and enjoy the journey.

Harvest with love - share the harvest of your orchard and enjoy.

The Orchard Rules

Please read carefully as not attending to the following rules can result in our requesting you to leave the Orchard.

Though we will always seek peaceful resolution to any conflict that arises, we will not accept aggressive, threatening, abusive or disrespectful behaviour, actions or intent in any way.

Where we cannot find resolution, we reserve the right to terminate membership and request immediate removal from the Orchard should this be deemed the case.


We ask that you behave in a respectful way towards yourself and other Orchard users, the space, property, resource, staff and visiting artists;

We ask that you respect the people & properties in the surroundings to the Orchard;

We ask that you respect your own and others’ creative journeys;

We will not accept violent, insensitive or disrespectful behaviour, language or action towards the people, property or creativity of the Orchard.

download a membership form here.

Creative individuals place a high value on fun because it enables them to soar in their other pursuits.
Jordan Ayan