What's all this about…?

Often, as we grow older, we lost sight of the joy held in creative play. Life always has something else that seems more demanding than getting creative and playing. Yet what is more important than play? Ask any child and they sure won’t put cleaning the loo above seeing what happens when you mix that mud and splash it all about! Until we are conditioned out of it, play, curiosity and creativity are the natural state of being. We do not seek permission or validation to do so. We just do. Until we grow up and start telling ourselves we can’t do that.

When we give permission for ourselves to engage in our own creative process, our natural and energetic questioning mind pushes forward into new discoveries, inventions and expressions. We discover more about ourselves and our own ability to make positive change happen. We also have a lot of fun.

The Invisible Orchard is about bringing together our experiences, skills and intentions, both as artists and practitioners and as parents, to create an inspiring space that is filled with possibilities, a space that encourages curiosity, creativity, investigation and collaboration.

As artists and parents, we find similarities in our approach to the Italian founded Reggio Emilia educational philosophy, where there is no separation between what it is considered traditionally artistic expression and academic education. In this environment, the studio, or atelier, is placed literally central to the learning experience, at the heart of the school, with children working with the atelierista, or studio artist, in a creative environment that serves to allow discovery and support experimentation.

When we made the decision to home educate our son, Django, we wanted to provide a space where there would be the ongoing permission for that engagement in a creative and exciting way. He calls it “The School of Everything”.